braised beef brisket

Just last week I bought a slow cooker – my first. They’ve been out of fashion for quite a while now, I can remember a brown ceramic pot bubbling away on my nan’s counter, issuing clouds of savoury broth. Not sure I ever ate anything cooked in it though… I saw one in Tesco for […]


I’m in no way Jewish, but I’ve no problem in magpie-ing the best of other cultures’ celebratrory food. A passover classic then: brisket. I browned the enormous bit of meat in a pan first, then chucked in an onion, some celery, some garlic, some bay, red wine, Dijon mustard and beef stock. Lid on, I […]

beef rendang

When Jamie started banging on about using brisket to save money, I didn’t need any convincing. I’ve been a fan of this largely ignored beef cut for years; I’ve got 5 or 6 recipes around here somewhere including the mighty cholent, a very popular dinner in this house. I bought a lovely 2.5kg piece for […]