competition – win a cirio hamper stuffed with tomato goodness [closed]

This competition is now closed. Many thanks for all your entries, there were some brilliant ideas and inspiration! The winner has been notified by email.

Cirio Hamper competition

CIRIO is Italy’s leading tomato producer and has been authentically Italian since its foundation in 1856. CIRIO harvests only the finest tomatoes from ten regions of Italy, including Puglia, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna and Campania.

With over 150 years of experience behind them, they really know their stuff. Not convinced?  Enter this competition to win one of their hampers and try them for yourself. This hamper is packed with £25 of amazing CIRIO tomato products, to keep you in pasta sauces, pizza toppings and lasagnes for weeks. To be in with a chance to win this bounty, just comment on this post with an answer to the following question:

What’s your favourite tomato-based recipe?

  • Competition closes 8pm 30th September. Comments posted after then won’t be counted.
  • I’ll pick the winners at random using some fancy random number generator.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older.
  • If the winner hasn’t replied within two weeks, someone else will get it.
  • Only people from the UK please. Additionally, I’ll only post to a UK address.

Good luck!


198 thoughts on “competition – win a cirio hamper stuffed with tomato goodness [closed]

  1. V Porteus

    We have just had a wonderul bolognese, but we limited the amount of tomatoes – one tin instead of two – and it actually enhanced the flavour – less is more

  2. Choclette8

    Well there are so many wonderful tomato dishes which I love, but my favourite summer one is pasta with a raw tomato sauce which my Italian sister in law taught me.

  3. Kavey

    With fresh tomatoes from the garden, I love making my grandfather’s spicy tomato ketchup. Works with green tomatoes too, so it’s very versatile. With tinned, I use them in so many things, but my favourite is as the base for curry sauces following mum’s recipes, which include lamb curry, keema curry, chicken curry and chickpea curry. All so good!

  4. Saira

    A Moroccan tagine of minced lamb meatballs simmered in a spiced rich tomato sauce with eggs cracked in shorly before serving so that they’re lightly poached. Mmmmm!

  5. Paul Connolly

    It has to be pork chop cacciatore with creamy mashed potato and a sprinkling of pangritata. Perfect in this weather

  6. Claire Nelson

    Its my bitsa pasta dish that I make most Thursdays. The core ingredients are onion, garlic, mushrooms, tuna, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a passata (and yes these are from Cirio!) then I throw in whatever we have in the fridge that needs using and can realistically go in the dish. Last week it was mozzarella, usually there is a courgette, sometimes a pepper …. It all goes on top of some pasta.

  7. Colin Wright

    Nice and simple pasta with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil – herbs, onions and garlic added for flavour

  8. Claire

    Home made tomato soup! Use milk instead of cream so it’s guilt-free – just add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to stop it curdling.

  9. Brigitte Leprince

    Great Competition!! I love pasta Arabiatta which is a favourite of mine because I like hot dishes. I use a lot of tomatoes generally in pasta related dishes so, If I won this it would be a really useful prize! Got my fingers and toes crossed!!

  10. John Dean

    I make a very simple pasta sauce with tinned tomatoes by frying chopped bacon with onion in butter (adding flour to make a roux) and then I add two tinns of tomatoes!

  11. Rosemarie Dean

    I make a great Chilli Con Carne by adding tinned tomatoes so that is my favourite dish aswell as my friends! This is a Fantastic Competition by the way!

  12. Georgia

    My family love Sausage Casserole. It’s so cheap to make – tinned tomatoes and a splash of tomato puree really make it rich and warming, great for winter.

  13. Abdul Kosa

    I make a traditional spaghetti Bolognes by making my own pasatta sauce with crushed tinned tomatoes. First I fry chopped onion with mince beef and three or four Bay Leafs, then add two tins of tomatoes, reduce it by simmering for one hour and just before I serve I add some basil and parmesan cheese! No carrots, No mushrooms just delicious!

  14. Pav

    A basic tomato sauce is my ultimate favourite and I’m a strong believer that good quality tomatoes make the magic!

  15. Jayne

    I love green tomato chutney which I made with my tomatoes that havent ripened this year – great with pate or cheese

  16. Caroline Johnson

    Classic cream of tomato soup! The ULTIMATE feel good food. Chilled as gazpachio in summer or hot with crusty bread in winter, starter for posh nosh or with a sandwich for a sofa supper. You cannot beat it!!

  17. Nicola Biven

    Chilli Con Carne, minced beef, tin of chopped tomatoes, tin of baked beans and tin of kidney beans and as much chilli as you can handle !!

  18. Kevin Grain

    Instant pizza. Toast two slices of ciabatta. Spread on tomato puree. Place a couple of anchovies and a few capers on each slice. This is a lot healthier than it sounds.

  19. ClairejB

    I love a good veg spag bol! My partner isn’t at all keen on tomatoes (although I love them!) but he will eat them in this dish! :) I’m not sure what his reaction would be if I won a whole hamper full of tomatoes though, but I would be very happy indeed! :)

  20. Barbara Bunning

    chicken cacciatore has got to be the best and its so easy to make, but good enough to serve at a dinner party as well

  21. gilla01

    Toss up between spag bol and lasagne. We all love them both! I tend to add tomatoes to casseroles as well, and they enhance the flavour.

  22. brownhatter

    My best of all is the greek salad – lovely big, ugly tasty sliced tomatoes, lots of olives, feta cheese and olive oil. Requires sunshine to be fully appreciated

  23. Rhiannon Alwen

    I do love me some tomato soup.

    You know, salads and everything are great, but you can’t beat a good hot soup.


    i think theres nothing better than making your own tomato pasta sauce never buy jars.
    chopped toms , tom puree , garlic , herbs , chopped onions , mushrooms , ham , smoked sausage + pasta and garlic bread = a lovely “cheap ” filling dinner for the whole family

  25. andrea miles

    I love roast tomatoes – just halve them, add fresh basil to the tops & bake in a hot ove fot about 20 mins – great with any grilled meat

  26. Hazel Wright

    My other half makes a really nice tomato based pasta meal, the sauce is quite spicy and the bowl is filled with peppers and onions and veg as well as pasta. We call it ‘magic pasta’ because its great diet food as long as we don’t top it with blue cheese and drink too much wine with it which is always tempting!

  27. Enna

    Tomato tartlets. Pastry base.rustic rolled edges. tomaoes halved/quartered, lots of fresh hebs, parlsey,basil and marjoram.

  28. sharon griffin

    the favourite in our household is spaghetti and meatballs made with traditional tomato and basil bolognese sauce x

  29. FionaLynne Edwards

    My hubby makes a mean tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes and pesto as a base for Lasagne – it’s totally delish!

  30. Melanie Booth

    I think my favourite recipe using tomatoes is a good homemade tomato soup! Making your own tomato soup is just so much fresher, zingier and tastier than just heating up a tin or carton from the supermarket. And homemade tomato soup takes such little time to make as well.

  31. kellyjo walters

    I make my own tomato sauce from the tomatoes I grow in my garden, I than use in a lot of tomato based dishes but my tomato soup with vodka is beautiful sweet and tangy, with a good dash of worcester sauce

  32. Louise

    Homemade tomato soup – so comforting and so versatile too!. Sometimes I make it with basil, sometimes with chorizo and sometimes with a swirl of cream and some good crusty bread. So good on a cold day!

  33. Sue

    I make a fantastic Pizziola Sauce to serve with steak. Tomatoes, onions, peppers cooked slowly until soft then finished with some torn basil leaves stirred in.

  34. Susie M

    I love lots of tomato dishes but with autumn coming on my current favourite is my homemade tomato, basil and rice soup.

  35. Mer

    Sorry, really old fashioned. When hungry nothing beats potato, cheese and tomato bake. Mashed pots, grated cheese, tomatoes, yummy…and pretty cheap if near end of month!

  36. Jocelyn

    Homemade tomato sauce made with tomatoes, onion, celery, peppers, tomato puree, basil, garlic and salt & black pepper to use on pasta or pizza

  37. leighanne palfrey

    homemade meatballs for us with a lovely homemade tomato sauce that my mum taught me to make , always a winner !

  38. Melanie Edjourian

    ooooooo how hard is that, ok if i have to pick just one, maybe Aubergines with tomato and mozzarella, although my stuffed, peppers and vine leaves come a close second witha range of different tomato products in them to add an amazing flavour!

  39. Charlotte Marchant-Jones

    My favourite is a traditional spaghetti neopolitana because it was my grandad’s favourite dinner. He loved tomatoes- they were his favourite food and so tomato pasta was what he always made me when I went round for tea.

    Now everytime I make it, it brings back lovely memories of my grandad :)

  40. Rachel Edney

    When on holiday in Spain we had tumbet Mallorquin, which is aubergine, potato and pepper, friend in olive oil and then covered in a thick tomato sauce and cooked in the oven sprinkled with cheese. It’s delicious!

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