heston blumenthal’s beef and dijon mustard sauce

heston at waitrose beef and dijon mustard sauce

I took a rare trip to Waitrose armed with gift vouchers, which meant I could spoil myself a bit buying things I wouldn’t usually reach for. I picked up some of this which at £2.29 for a little sachet of sauce is bit pricey. I picked up some sirloin steak too and thought it would be a good match. So I pan-fried the steak and while it rested warmed the sauce through in the same pan, and served it with some potato wedges.

Stone me it was good. Lick-the-plate good. A smooth mustardy flavour but packing seven shades of umami moreishness with each mouthful. According to the man himself it’s a version of sauce Robert bolstered by one of Heston’s favourite ingredients, konbu. I’d love to try making this at home sometime, but if I couldn’t be bothered I’ve been convinced this is worth the money for a special dinner.


5 thoughts on “heston blumenthal’s beef and dijon mustard sauce

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  2. Keefieboy

    I’ve recently got the kombu bug. I made some gravy yesterday: a dirty dark olive oil roux, mixed with an infusion of mirepoix and kombu, diluted with water and coloured with soy sauce. It was the meatiest, nuttiest gravy I’ve ever had, and yet totally vegetarian.

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  4. insearchofheston

    We loved Heston’s Sauce Robert as well, it’s a great way to make a plain dish more special (we had it with super-simple bangers & mash). Will have to follow your lead and stock up on some kombu!

    Totally agreed on the price though, we should do a series of recipe articles called “Cheaper Than Waitrose” :)


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