30 minute beef hash with baked potatoes, green goddess salad and butter beans

jamie oliver's super-fast beef hash with butter beans

I got in from work the other day and Mrs. RP beseeched me with a desperate look in her eyes: “make this. MAKE THIS NOW!”

She was gesturing at the TV; Jamie Oliver had just made ‘super-fast beef hash, jacket potatoes, goddess salad, lovely butter beans & bacon’ on 30 Minute Meals. I admit it looked the business. 1 PVR and a flick through the book later, and I was ready. Not quite so manic as previous 30 minute recipes, this one also isn’t too harsh on the washing up. How long did it take? 31 minutes. I’ll take that – I had to stop briefly and try and calm my daughter down, distraught at the distinct lack of Mr. Tumble on the TV. I’m certain I could get it under 25 minutes next time having been through the motions once.

It’s real comfort food; nice big carbs and large flavours. The Worcestershire sauce is particularly satisfying, packing lots of gutsy savouriness. I also felt really nourished eating it – I think it was the amount of carrots and celery in the mince mix.

Jamie’s original recipe can be seen on his site here. I made a couple of minor substitutions based on what I had to hand.

Jamie’s 30 minute beef hash (plenty enough for 4):

4 baking potatoes

500g beef mince

4 rashers of smoky bacon, chopped

2 sprigs of thyme

Few sprigs of rosemary

6 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 red onion

3 sticks of celery

2 carrots

4 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tin butter beans, drained

1 tin tomatoes

1 handful lamb’s lettuce

¼ iceberg lettuce, shredded

1 avocado

300ml sour cream

Juice of 1 lemon

Bunch of parsley, chopped

  1. Get the grill on screaming hot and stick a baking tray under it to get nuclear. Stab the potatoes all over, pop in a bowl and cover with clingfilm. Microwave for 14 minutes.
  2. Get a pan on to quite a high heat, chuck in the mince along with a dash of olive oil and seasoning. Fry and stir, browning all over. Meanwhile get some bacon frying gently in another pan.
  3. When the mince has browned, coat with the Worcestershire sauce and add the garlic, thyme and half the rosemary. Whack the onion, celery and carrot into a food processor and get them sliced up, then add those to the beef too.
  4. When the bacon is golden add the beans and tomatoes to that pan and simmer away.
  5. The potatoes are probably done now; prod with a knife to check they’re soft in the middle. If they are, slather with olive oil, the rest of the rosemary and some salt and pepper. Toss to coat then pop under the grill to crisp up.
  6. Turn to the salad now: whizz up half the avocado with half the sour cream, lemon juice and a little seasoning to make a lurid green dressing. Chop up the other half of the avocado and mix with the lettuces.
  7. The beef should be done by now, all crispy and craggy. Add most of the parsley and check for seasoning. Check the beans for seasoning – dash of vinegar perhaps? Rescue the potatoes, cut them open and dollop over the rest of the sour cream and parsley. Toss the salad with the dressing and serve the lot to hungry, lucky people.

25 thoughts on “30 minute beef hash with baked potatoes, green goddess salad and butter beans

      1. jibz

        What was different from the tv episode. i recall seeing about 3/4 of it and thinking ummm yummy. This was the only site, however, that I could find this particular 30 minute deal; and the author has customised it to what they had on hand? So; what was different from the original show please. I’ve tried it. about 30 minutes but I didn’t have a tv crew for the mess I made LOL Having said that; I was full of carbs and happiness so the clean up wasn’t really an issue :-)

      2. Gary Post author

        Hi Jibz

        “The author” (that’s me!) only substituted other salad leaves to the recommended round lettuce. Other than that it’s the same. Glad you enjoyed it!

      3. jibz

        Tks Gary, for the quick response. Just a ‘by-the-by’ … I because we can’t get really smoked bacon in Australia, I added some ‘liquid smoke’ to the beans … and that helped them along too.

        1. Joanne

          I used liquid smoke, too, just because the bacon i bought wasn’t smokey – I’m from the UK but live in Australia but hadn’t noticed how hard it is to get smokey bacon. I won’t bother hunting too hard now next time and will stick to the liquid smoke as it worked very well.

    1. Gary Post author

      Oh yeah, it’s great. Don’t make the mistake someone I know did, by preparing only the mince for dinner. It’s terribly dry on it’s own. You need the beans and the salad to give it some moisture.

  1. Liz

    We saw Jaimie cook this on the Telly last night and gave it a goo. Didn’t have a food processor so had to cut the vegies as thin as possible by hand( should have steamed them a little I reckon as they took to long to cook through) . Really satisfying and tastey comfort food.

    1. Gary Post author

      Definitely comfort food!

      If you don’t fancy all that fine slicing, there’s always a mandoline? Or the slicing side of a box grater? Either way try and get them nice and small so they cook at the same time as a the mince. You could always cook them separately and add them towards the end of frying though.

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  4. jibz

    Sometimes life sucks! LIQUID SMOKE has now become a problem to get on the Gold Coast! I went to the butcher from whom I purchase the stuff to be told ‘it’s on the wharf’! Being a smart alec I thought’d I’d go to “US Downunder” (a website which is situated on the GC and order it online with delivery the next day). Fooled! No delivery as yet! Now it’s become the most important, must have, ingredient in my pantry. … I’ll calm down when it arrives :-)

  5. Victoria

    I found your blog while looking for an online version of this recipe. I cooked this today and put it on my blog as part of my weekly meal plan. I thought I’d link over to you so people can see the recipe. I love your blog, it has a great feel!

    1. Gary Post author

      Thanks Victoria! I think our blogs work really well together.

      Have you tried this dish yet? What do you think?

  6. madamindigo

    Needed a quick solution to leftovers and vegetables for dinner … might swap the mince for diced steak, leave out the bacon and all the oil and have a go at the rest. After all, MY readers (http://90daysoflove.wordpress.com) will be expecting me to practice what I preach, and look for the healthier options! I will be back, Thanks!

    1. Gary Post author


      That’s the great thing about this recipe, it’s fairly adaptable. If you’re leaving out the bacon keep an eye on the seasoning to balance it all out. Leave me a link if you blog it yourself!

      Thanks for stopping by.

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