baked beans [poll]

Back when discussing the perfect jacket potato, I hit on my least favouritest food ever: BAKED BEANS (the ones from a tin). I really don’t care for them, the smell makes me gag. But everyone else in the house loves them. Who’s right?


9 thoughts on “baked beans [poll]

    1. Gary Post author

      It’s odd because I can use haricot beans in say, a casserole, but as soon as that orange gunk comes out of the tin… ugh.

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  2. Steve

    I do like them, but I wouldn’t choose them over peas if that was what was offered, nor would I bathe in them. Ideally they’d be on toast or a jacket spud, with tuna and cheese, as a quick and easy ‘lazy tea’.

    I think I like them less than I used to if that’s any consolation?

  3. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    I like them and eat them at least once a week (a child in the house contributes to this) but I wouldn’t say I “love” them. I think buying a decent brand helps and cooking them a long time so the sauce goes thick – they’re not that far away from refried beans in that state.

    Having said that, I think the current idea of having a plastic vat of them in the fridge to last you all week is ridiculous.

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  5. Anne

    Growing up I wouldn’t touch them but my dearest adores them, so have learnt to tolerate them in small doses, whilst telling myself they are good source of fibre. They are however much more tastier when mixed in with curry powder and coconut milk!

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