bubble and squeak

bubble and squeak

The great British Sunday brunch-before-anybody-knew-it-was-called brunch: Bubble ‘n’ Squeak. After a successful roast with plenty of leftovers, is there any better way to put all those still-tasty morsels to good use? Crunchy and tasty, these are perfect little pick-me-ups. Served with a drizzle of leftover gravy too and some strong coffee, and breakfast gets little better than this. There’s no point listing a recipe for this, as it’s whatever there is to hand! There has to be potatoes, so mash these up with other veg lying about. I use a stick blender to mush it up a bit. Then with wet hands form them into little patties and fry in butter and oil until browned all over. Serve with either a splash of gravy or HP Sauce.


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