tiramisu granita

tiramisu granita

After a recent trip to his Royal Hospital Road restaurant, Cathyella also purchased Gordon Ramsay’s book, Three Star Chef
. I’ve borrowed it and I can’t resist the urge to try some of the recipes out. This one had the bonus of being able to be prepared a while in advance.

There’s three components: coffee cream, mascarpone sorbet, and espresso granita. The granita is simply coffee, sugar and water combined and then left in the freezer. Every couple of hours I went back and mashed it up with a fork until it gained a Slush Puppie like appearance. For the sorbet it’s sugar and water again, this time with lemon juice, mascarpone and liquid glucose. I worried that the last ingredient would be difficult to find, but no, there it was in the baking aisle with things like bicarb and silver dragees. Similar process here: freeze and mash every hour or so. For the coffee cream I followed the same process as last week.

At serving time it’s simple enough to pile on top of each other, and dust with cocoa. It’s not easy to make out in the photo but there are three layers. The cream was a little sloppier than Gordon’s due to some adjustments I had to make to the recipe. But the taste was there, that’s the main thing. The biggest revelation to me was the sorbet. I’d never made one before but the flavour was great and the texture was dreamy. Come back for a proper sorbet post in the near future!


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